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Critics' Reviews of Nathalie as Camae in The Mountaintop:

“Nathalie Bennett acts Camae with great exuberance. She grasps all of the character’s contradictions and plays them to the hilt. She is sassy, coquettish, irreverent, argumentative, foul-mouthed, and apologetic in equal measures.”  - TheatreStorm

"Housemaid [Bennett] is electrifying... As the live-wire housemaid, Camae, Nathalie Bennett's performance is hypnotic and electrifying, changing shape and course continuously." - Daily Post

"...a remarkable Nathalie Bennett as Camae, the sassy motel maid, kept the opening night audience riveted... Once she walks into the motel room...all eyes shift to the flashy, saucy, downright impudent hotel maid.  Certainly Camae is a thunderous presence...." - San Jose Mercury News

"The real life and spark of Ms. Hall’s play enters through the door as first-day motel maid [Camae]… Nathalie Bennett is exceptional in every regard as the ever moving, jumping, flopping-about Camae… With a voice that can squeal in octaves high above the treble staff, that can show cunning and coy with an edge of daring sultriness, while also having a mother’s sympathy… Ms. Bennett delivers a performance delicious to watch." - Talkin Broadway

"I have seen theatre all over the world; London, New York, all over the world, and yours is the best acting I have ever seen."

"I had the privilege of attending your performance in The Mountaintop Sunday afternoon and I am taking this opportunity to express my total appreciation of your completely outstanding performance. The countless nuances of your vocal and facial expressions were perfect representations of your character's emotions and thought processes. Your intelligence and understanding of the character you portrayed were evident and literally made your performance never to be forgotten. THANK YOU!"

Messages from Audience:

"I felt like we were watching a young Lucille Ball...."

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